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Earthwhisperer Outdoor Learning

Hands-on workshops in your school grounds or local park


Combining science with wellbeing 


London wide

Our Workshops

Welcome to Earthwhisperer. It is our vision that our children can grow up knowing the natural world as a place of they can go to for a sense of belonging, wonder and refuge. Nature needs children to feel this deep connection if is to thrive and children need it too if they are to truly thrive. 


We offer seven outdoor workshops. All are designed to generate a sense of awe, wonder, freedom and gratitude.  

Even better still, they all link to the PSHE, science & history curriculums and Early Learning Goals

Primary Workshops

My Animal Friends

KS1 & KS2


Watch our film about 7 year old Iliana's, wildlife encounters in lockdown. Then step outside to make friends with the fascinating animals living on your doorstep. Visit them in their homes and spot the clues they leave behind.  Equipped to the eyeballs we'll make lots of new animal friends!

Curriculum links & more...

Avian Antics

KS1 & KS2


Learn all about the birds that you share your neighbourhood with. Study their characteristics with our state of the art binoculars. Learn the 'tracker's walk' to get closer to birds than you've ever thought possible. Inspect a bird's nest, then have a go at making one yourself.

Curriculum links & more...

Natural Mindfulness

KS1 & KS2


Using our senses to be present to the world around us, we'll soon discover the power of nature to calm and soothe. Sound mapping, birdsong, cloud gazing... all will rest and refresh our minds 

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Stone Age Life

KS2 only

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Explore some stone age artefacts, have a go at lighting a fire with a flint and steel and build a mini stone age dwelling. Does life 2.5 million years ago have any lessons for us humans living today?

Early Years


My Minibeast Friends

Early Years


Watch our film about minibeasts in London. Then step outside to discover your own. What have I caught in my net? What's dropped out of the bush onto your sheet? We'll leave no stone unturned!

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Free as a Bird

Early Years

girl loo roll binoculars.jpg

Make and decorate your own binoculars pre-visit before learning some bird calls. Learn to amplify sound with your 'foxes ears', then we'll head outdoors to see what birds we can see and hear. Inspect a bird's nest and have a go at making one yourself.

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Sense-ational Nature

Early Years


Explore all the textures, sounds, sights and smells nature has to offer. Compare and contrast. Make a rainbow of colour or a staircase of sticks. Go home happy with your very own gift box full of natural treasures you have collected.

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Nature and wellbeing are intricately connected.

Breaktime? Take a 3 minute breather with this film. Drop into the beauty of plant life and birdsong... It's guaranteed to revive you!

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