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Each workshop lasts for 90 minutes and is for a maximum of 30 children


State schools

£300 for three workshops on the same day 

£220 for two workshops on the same morning

£120 for one workshop


Independent schools

£120 per workshop (max three per day)

Our workshops are exempt from VAT so the price you see is the price you pay. 

Girl with Autumn Leaf

What is included in the price? 

Each 90 minute workshop includes: 

  • A pre-visit email from me to the children to get them enthused and ready for our time together. 

  • An introduction to the topic in the classroom or outdoors using film/PowerPoint and/or props. The teacher will be sent the presentation with notes so they can deliver it independently if they wish.

  • All specialist equipment such as magnifying glasses, binoculars etc as well as other resources. 

  • A pre- or post-workshop activity for the children to prepare for the session or to continue the learning after our visit.

  • A template letter with a self-addressed envelope so the class can write and tell me about their continued learning, with the guarantee of a personal reply.


Help with funding 


If you are unable to pay for workshops, you may be able to source funding from one of the organisations listed here:


The Institute of Outdoor Learning has a webpage listing funders who have provided financial support for outdoor learning in the past and therefore might do again:


If you are a Church of England school you may be eligible for a grant from the Diocese of London:

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