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What safety measures do you have in place with regards Covid-19?

It goes without saying that the safety of your pupils and staff and our workshop leaders is of the utmost importance to us and we will work with you to minimise risk at all times.


We are, of course, happy to follow the safety procedures that your school has put in place and you will be asked for details of these on your booking form. We will then have a follow-up phone conversation with you prior to our visit.


Workshop leaders will use hand sanitiser before and after sessions and during if need be. We will not expect to use your staffroom during the day unless we are invited to. 


Workshops are designed to take place outdoors. An introduction to the topic will be sent to you ahead of the workshop with all the resources and notes the class teacher will need in order to deliver it independently. This way we will not need to enter the school building beyond the reception area, the staff toilet and to reach your outdoor space. 


If your school has a nearby park we are happy to use this rather than the school grounds.


All resources and equipment will be sanitised between workshops/bubbles to minimise the risk of infection. 


Workshops have been carefully designed to ensure workshop leaders can remain socially distanced from school staff and children without compromising the quality of the session.


We are living in complicated times and this is a constantly changing situation. Please don't hesitate to phone us to discuss the situation with regards Covid 19 if this would help you decide whether to book. 




How will you look after the general safety of our pupils?

All our workshop activities are risk assessed and our risk assessment will be sent to you when we confirm your booking. We ask you to then combine this with your site risk assessment (whether that be the school grounds or a local park). 


I am DBS checked and am on the Update Service so you can check my status at the time, or prior to, our visit. I have received full safeguarding training for the last four years from the RSPB.


We expect a teacher to be present at all times during our workshops. Hopefully, your pupils will be fully engaged, but please remember that discipline is your responsibility. We retain the right to end a workshop if we believe the behaviour of a child is compromising their own or anyone else’s safety. 




What indoor and outdoor space do you need?

We would normally use the greenest areas of your school grounds, areas where you have at least a few different wildlife habitats e.g. a grassy patch with some trees/bushes/flowerbeds. Whilst the pandemic lasts, if it is more suitable, we can use a park within easy walking distance (max 10 mins walk) of your school. 

Normally, also, we would deliver an introduction the workshop topic in your classroom for which we need a working computer and whiteboard. However, while the pandemic continues, we will send you the introduction with teacher's notes so that you can deliver it independently and we will meet you at your school reception or outside to facilitate the main activity. 

What if it is cold and rainy on the day you are due to visit?

The rain can be a blessing in disguise as many creatures love getting wet - think worms, snails and slugs! We live by the motto ‘ there is no wrong weather only the wrong clothing’ and we will remind you to let parents know that their child will be learning outside on the day we visit. That said, we will not run workshops in dangerous weather conditions such as persistent heavy rain or gale force winds. Instead we will be in touch to reschedule your workshop at no added cost to you. 


How do we book?

You can call me on 0796 6636155 or email me at or use the contact form to get in touch.



How do we pay?

After our visit we will invoice you. The terms for payment will be on the invoice. If we are delivering over several consecutive days at your school, we will invoice you once for them all when we have delivered all your workshops. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Obviously at the moment everything is in great flux. Should you need to cancel your booking within two weeks of when we are due to visit, you can rebook for a later date at the time of cancelling at no extra cost. Should you cancel within two weeks and choose NOT to rebook, there is a £30 fee to cover our admin costs and as a token towards lost earnings. 

On the rare occasion we may need to postpone a workshop due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, we will of course book you in again as a matter of priority.

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